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work is the curse of the drinking class

Itís been a long, long time since Iíve said this, but... work is ruining my life.

An alleged friend of mine pointed out that maybe one reason Iím feeling so besieged by this new project is that Iím out of practice. I disagree. My new client requests freshly designed book sections, and then wants to see the layouts the very next day. This is abnormally fast and I am one of those freakishly fast designers!

At this rate, the project will meet the crazy deadline. I knew that the schedule would be nuts when I accepted the assignment. I was prepared for speed. I just didnít expect this client to be one of those ďgive Ďem an inch, theyíll take a mileĒ types. Boy, was I wrong.

Fortunately, Iím not designing anything original. Iím just copying work that another designer did a few months ago, so itís not like Iím having to conceptualize 288 original pages. The approval process on the first go-round was so horrible that itís a miracle that anything at all got the ok. My client is scared to death to present anything that looks different, so I have been asked to mimic the other guyís work.

Boy, is the book ugly! Iím debating whether or not to give myself a design credit on this one, because I donít know if I want something so down-market and cheesy to bear my name.

Besides working too much, I have also done this:

- made meatballs from scratch

- bought a sheer white LaCosa knock-off t-shirt that is comfy and surprisingly sexy

- splurged on a bottle of Seghesio zinfandel

- danced at Par Avion to the sounds of Majestic, an adorable local pop band

- realized that I am connected to both Chēn Marshall and Davēd Cross via Friendster, and itís not, like, 200 degrees of separation, itís more like 4

- speaking of Friendster, received two flattering testimonials that made me feel loved and special

- ignored some ugly cretin at school who was unslyly trying to get my attention

- rocked my boyfriendís world (he just told me to write that, but you know, I have many talents)

- poked at some low-priority blemish that, thanks to my excessive attention, has ballooned into a full-blown pimple

- started and finished The Lovely Bones

I donít have anything to add except that tonight I intend to spend part of my asthma research study check on dinner at a restaurant.

5:51 p.m. - 2003-11-02



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