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Keeping it real

New Englanders love their cold cuts.

Is it because there are more folks claiming Italian lineage? And the Italians are Masters of the Cured Meats? Non capisco.

In every market we’ve been to, there’s been a churning swarm of people at the deli counter. And not just getting any old sliced mortadella or smoked turkey, mind you. They are calling out name-brands!

Even American cheese—“cheese” used loosely here—is bought by first calling the brand. Land-O-Lakes seems to be very popular.

In other news, the sellers counter-offered this morning. Interestingly, they added $13,000 to our bid, or as I like to think about it, $24,000 (the amount we were trying to save) divided by 2, plus 1.

It IS like Ebay!!!

The only thing that would have been better would be if they’d added $13,001! to our offer. I would have laughed out loud and given them an A+++++++ happy face emoticon rating! Great Ebayer! Item as described, NWT, super communication, prompt delivery!

Meanwhile another place came on the market a couple of days ago—a place that is slightly smaller, a lot less $ and in the same exact neighborhood. So now we are stalling with our yes or no answer, hoping to view the new cheaper condo before we have to contact the other sellers.

I’m leaning towards shining those $13,001 sellers on, actually. I don’t think the condo is going to sell that quickly. I think ours was the first and only offer, I don’t believe there has been that much interest in the place and I know there are very few people willing to consider living below street level like little—albeit, fashionable and equity-building—moles. I mean, if the condo were in what I call “move-in” condition, I and many others would have no trouble paying asking price, and getting on with the buying.

Ech. Enough with this real estate talk. I’m boring even myself.

1:17 p.m. - 2004-04-13



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