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Nada nada, limonada

I didn’t do any work yesterday.

The client didn’t call me, and I decided to take advantage of her silence by doing absolutely nothing. I opened up the windows in the apartment and did a load of laundry. I trolled ebay, wrote a bunch of emails, read parts of the Sunday NYT and made a salade niçoise for lunch.

The afternoon wasn’t much better in terms of productivity, but it was definitely more fun. I blew off yoga for sex, made a tomato-chicken tagine with couscous, spoke to the troika (that’s Harriet, Mr Bingo and my older sister) and won an auction.

Even ‘nothing’ is ‘something.’

Over the weekend, there was a little carnival (with rides) over by the Stop N Shop in North Haven. I really wanted to go and make fun of the carnies, but Terence vetoed it. “We’ll get our asses kicked!” There’s nothing scarier—and scarier-looking—than an angry mob of carnies.

I read Geek Love. I know these things.

Instead we went to White Plains, New York to check out a megamall because we are still looking for clothes to wear to that goddamned wedding in May (sidebar: I wish people would just stop getting married! It’s a big pain in the ass already.) Of course, we didn’t find anything, because we never find anything in malls. That’s just not how we shop. Even when there are luxury outposts interspersed with Gaps and Bananas and Ann Taylors, there is still nothing.

In this case ‘nothing’ really is ‘nothing’ unless you count two salads and a coke at Nordstrom’s café as ‘something.’

On the plus side, we drove back along the 15 which was really beautiful because there were daffodils everywhere. There were also these insanely yellow hedges surrounding a lot of properties, and I’m not kidding, the color was hyperreal. I predict that Terence and I will experience some kind of Fall Foliage Freakout when Autumn hits.

That’s ‘something,’ I guess.

9:14 a.m. - 2004-04-20



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