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What blows me away is that these two celebrities warrant this level of scrutiny from the paparazzi. Who knew anyone still cared? (well obviously, *I* cared enough to link)

No one is safe.

You know where I don’t feel safe? At any of New Haven’s many pizzerias. The service is beyond surly and the seating/ordering systems inscrutable. I’ve eaten in ETA-controlled northern Spanish restaurants that were friendlier! From now on, I’m just going to order my pies to go.

Friday we leave for California, and eventhough I know the trip is going to be whiplash fast, I am looking forward to it. Besides eating burritos, I hope to drop lots of money at Amoeba, buy a few pounds of Peet’s coffee, maybe do yoga with Mr Bingo, deposit some checks, and hang out with friends. The wedding on Saturday afternoon/evening will probably be fun, but we all know how I feel about weddings. I wear black.

I hope the real estate market will remain flat during our absence so we don’t miss out on anything good. We’ve got one more month of free corporate housing, and we are still hoping to buy. We’re not overly sanguine about the situation—if we have to rent, then we’ll rent. Whatever. So long as big burly guys do the actual moving and lifting, I will be fine.

On tap today: more work for my favorite client, and a quickie business card/letterhead thing for a friend. The hardcover version of the big giant book I worked on (remember, I had to match another designer’s “style”?) is nearly available at amazon. It makes me feel a little bit like Dr. Frankenstein.

8:57 a.m. - 2004-04-26



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