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God knows I've got to live mine

Besides watching all three Godfather movies (I-good, II-best, III-shite [sidebar: I used to think S0fia C0ppola was the worst part of that movie, but I now realize that the entire film is flawed + idiotic]) and eating ice cream twice, this weekend was oddly busy.

I filed and organized filing, made 1 desk (1 to go,) recycled multiple times, shopped at 4 diff stores plus one farmers’ market, went to the post office, did laundry (our last trip to a laundromat!), and was surprise attacked by my period (named Marge cause she’s large and in charge.)

I read the entire New York Times Sunday paper ON Sunday and recycled parts of it (normally it takes us about a week to get through the damn thing,) ate mango sorbet (pas mal) and mocha chip ice cream on a sugar cone (v. good), talked to friends on the phone and drained the mobile of its lifeforce, shopped for lingerie, thought about what we’re going to do for Christmas and decided we should either go someplace sunny with sand or someplace snowy with boarding, cooked yummy dinners, watched fireflies, listened to Luna as the rain poured down and that made me think of the lyric “as the rain falls hard on a humdrum town” so I had to listen to The Smiths too.

The Smiths are excellent foul weather accompaniment. And “humdrum” town aptly describes where I live. I am one with Morrissey.

This town has dragged me down.

10:24 a.m. - 2004-07-19



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