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Gearing up for more work and a visitor

I called the phone company and am having new phone lines put in at my studio. This happens on Friday.

Once that's done, I can arrange the furniture etc, and move on to the bigger apartment issues.

Mlle Culotte was admiring my ass-kicking and name-taking single-minded focus, and sheís not the only one impressed. I am normally more peace-loving Ferdinand than Busy Beaver, and this attitude of mine is definitely surprising me. Donít get me wrong: when I have deadlines or I have to crank out work, I can and do. Itís just not my normal MO. In this instance, I feel like if I let my concentration waver for even a moment, I will be stuck in this boring hamlet forever and that CANNOT HAPPEN. I would rather die. Fear as Potent Motivator. (Hey, it works for the RepublicansÖ)

DSL will be turned on 4 days after the phone line is hooked up. I donít know how I will deal with not having an internet connection for that long (not well. I anticipate a nanotantrum.) TA is worried and sent me an email inquiring, ďNo internet for a week? Can you handle that?Ē

To which I responded, ďAs long as Iíve got my bucket and Detox Poncho, I think Iíll be fine.Ē The Seinfeld reference made me giggle to myself.

DSL, the new crack? Crack is whack, yo. Iíve got to surrender to a higher power, and find alternative uses of my time cause I sure can fritter away the hours on the web and with email. I really think that DSL is the gateway drug to harder things like Instant Messenjahótalk about time suckage! I can spend hours pinging friends, chatting back and forth with that stupid thing.

Without DSL to distract, I can learn Flash all over again. Or redesign my portfolio. Or clean up my filing system. Do one hundred things more pressing than sustaining friendships across the country and coddling my mental health.

Harriet is on her way to visit at this very moment! She is taking Amtrak from Boston to NH, and staying until Thursday. I canít believe I havenít seen her since February! That is so crazy. In LA, I saw her nearly every single day cause she lived at Fairfax/Santa Monica, and I lived at Beverly/Fairfaxówe were probably the only two people in all of LA who would actually WALK to eachotherís houses for play dates. I canít wait.

I am cleaning and arranging before she gets here. Itís kind of a nice occasion to scrub the sinks, decrustify the stove, put the laundry away, and recycle. Not that I donít do most of that on a daily basisóI just donít get NeutrogenaDeepClean like that every day. I donít care if she doesnít notice. IíLL NOTICE cause Iím insane like that.

Enough frittering. Itís Hammer time.

2:19 p.m. - 2004-10-05



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