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Baby, it's cold outside

Like her, Iím a slave to the fancy things. How else can I explain my consideration of a concealer that costs $65? Or my devotion to a curl tamer that is slightly more than one ATM withdrawal? Or my disdain for Stuart Weitzman?

But I like bargains, and I like the drugstore. Even better, I like my drugstore brands validated by professionals like dermatologists. And the cherry on the sundae? Validation by celebrity dermatologists, naturally. Of course I want to use whatever Amber Valetta uses. Donít you? Have you seen her skin? It is perfection.

(It also works the other way. Have you seen photos of Dr. Frederick Br@ndt? I would never use his products. He looks like Siegfreid from Siegfreid & Roy! Love that link. Really.)

So the Kiehlís cleansing milk has been replaced by Purpose, the Fresh Rice Body cream by Eucerin, the Terax crema by Brilliant Brunette conditioner. After years of Lancome mascara, Iíve gone back to Maybelline. I mean, itís mascara for crying out loud. You have to pitch it after 3 months no matter what. Why spend $20?

Itís harder with clothing. But thatís why thereís Ebay. And trips to France or New York.

I didnít go to yoga last night because I couldnít bear to change in my studio because it was TOO COLD. This is just going to get worse, because it is going to get COLDER.

I am a California candy-ass. The temperature drops below 60 degrees, and Iím in a coat, a hat and a scarf.

This is going to be a loooooooooong Winter.

4:04 p.m. - 2004-11-09



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