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Terence got some iTunes gift certificates for Christmas and he’s bent out of shape because a lot of the albums he wants to buy are not available.

Example: Machine Gun Etiquette and Phantasmagoria, both by The Damned. Not available at iTunes. Those records are OLD, grandpa. Get a record player and dust off your vinyl.

Of course, I’m just simmering and sputtering with ideas over here. I really want the Ditty Bops record, and it’d be nice to actually own that Franz Ferdinand album. Of course, there’s also two Bright Eyes cds to acquire, a new Stereo Total, The Go! Team, and that Styrofoam album with Ben Gibbard… oh, and the newish Rilo Kiley! How could I forget!

Good thing I didn’t get those gift certificates. I’d be in contortions trying to figure out what to pick. I get so overwhelmed by boundless choices.

Like this past weekend? While Terence was at his interview? I spent 45 minutes at Other Music, browsing and collecting cds, changing my mind and putting everything back. I’m sure the guy shadowing me thought I was schizo.

In New York, I also:
- ate at Otto and was very happy with: an appetizer of calamari, potatoes and chili, another appetizer special of blanched salsify with tangerine, and a fennel and bottarga pizza, all washed down with a very smooth Barbera.
- watched TA try on and buy a very beautiful and affordable Gucci suit. I know it sounds impossible—Gucci? Affordable?—but truly, given the craftsmanship and the years of wear he’ll get out of the garment, not so crazy. He looks INCREDIBLE in it. I (and our lovely salesperson) wanted to immediately jump his bones. I swear.
- tried to have dinner at the Corner Bistro to sample their very famous burgers but the line! My god, the line. It was freezing out, so we hightailed it to Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I love that place cause it reminds me of Hamburger Mary’s in SF. I love the kooky queer spots. What can I tell you? You can take the girl out of the Castro, but you can’t take the Castro out of the girl.
- saw my friends perform at Sin-E and that was fun. They sound better and better every time I see them. They seem so much more cohesive as a band, “performing” more than just playing songs. I sometimes wish not EVERY song was so leitmotifically heartbreaky but hey, it’s not my band. We skipped the afterparty, but ended up spending about 15 minutes at Route 85A anyway. It was toasty in there, and we liked the music (Tribe and De La Soul during our reanimation session.)
- realized that sometimes you HAVE to spend $150 per night. The hotel we stayed in gave new meaning to the term “shabby.” The owners were very nice, and it was close to a subway stop and Artisanal, but unfortunately that didn’t offset the gray wallpaper, thin sheets and tobacco-scented towels. Quikbooks is getting a snarky post about that property.

It was nice to come home. I changed into my pyjamas, made some tea, got cozy in bed and snuggled up with TA and the Sunday paper. While I read, a pot of soup bubbled on the stove and blondies baked in the oven, filling the apartment with lovely smells.

11:12 a.m. - 2005-01-31



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