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Foothold to financial stability

Valentineís Day was spent doing the following romantic thing: installing a new hard drive and a new CD/DVD drive into the laptop, formatting the drive then installing the operating system. Sexy and impossibly sensual, I know. We went home, ate leftover soup while reading leftover Sunday NYT, then went to bed.

My So-Called Life.

Today I had two injections into the nerve branches on the bottoms of both feet (my self-diagnosis of a neuroma in the right foot was right on the money. I even had the tell-tale clicking sound during the physical exam which naturally delighted my podiatrist whoíd only heard the apocryphal tales of neuromic music.) While not as painful as having your arm chopped off by King Arthur, those shots hurt like fucking hell. Like a slender knife was slowly being inserted through my foot and out the bottom of it.

But once that was over, I felt nothing in my feet. And I should expect to feel nothing for about 6 hours. Bliss.

I am undergoing the second phase of my treatment. This is the one that comes before the nerve surgery, and before the dreaded toe-shortening surgery. Letís hope this relatively new treatment works. I am all about alternative medical techniques that keep surgery at bay.

While I was recovering, the doctor told me to stay off my feet.

Me: Thatíll be easy. I sit on my ass all day.

Dr.: Oh, yeah? What is it you do, again?

Me: Iím a graphic designer.

His eyes lit up, and he asked me if Iíd redesign his officeís logo. Then he asked about signage. Then the website. It was thoughtful that he waited until Iíd been numbed from the ankles down to ask me about maybe doing some work. Iím going to do some research and think about it. Could be interesting.

So there you go: foot pain and a potential client. Discuss.

12:27 p.m. - 2005-02-16



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