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Bon voyage to me

It is dumping snow, and for once, I am not rejoicing. Weíve got to take an airport shuttle to JFK, and even with a 3-hour window, I am a little nervous. Traffic between here and the airport is going to suck, and I sure hope that we can make it with at least 1 hour to spare before our departure. Screw duty-free shopping! I need the time to get into vacation character.

I havenít heard from the Parisian apt owner about how she wants me to pay the final bit of fee. This is making me a little antsy. The bank took a cut of my transfer on her end, so now I owe her the remainder PLUS an additional 20 euros. Grrr. Why doesnít the whole world see the beauty of Paypal? Paypalís where itís at.

We managed to pack everything into two pieces of luggage. Without too much struggle, even. Hurrah! Neither one of us will win any fashion contests, but we will be warm and shod practically (one pair of fancy shoes each for the wedding, one pair each Doc Martens boots for slushy cold walks.) If we need anything else, weíll just acquire it. I donít like any of my shoes anymore, anyway. They are all cruel.

I never did get myself concealer. I just didnít have time. If my undereye circles render me Gashleycrumb Tiny-like, I will just spackle on some foundation, cross my fingers and wear my glasses. Iíve also got to make sure that I slather on the sunscreen repeatedly. I donít want to have undereye circles AND goggle tan lines from snowboarding. That would be hideous.

Ok, Iíve got to return to fretting about all the details I canít control now.

1:19 p.m. - 2005-03-08



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