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Daylight Savings made me her biyatch

A list because I am lazy

1. I know itís stupid to spend money when none of my clients has paid me yet, but I could not resist this t-shirt. I mean, itís a t-shirt! I need one like I need a hole in the head! I showed the t-shirt to my older sister, and she said, ďI need one that says Ď20 years ago.íĒ That cracked me up.

2. I canít stop listening to their album ďMiami.Ē ďGueroĒ is also on constant rotation. Itís like Iím autistic.

3. I am freaking out about this store. Everything in it is adorable, and I canít wait to check it out next time Iím in Manhattan. But I donít know if I can wait that longóI may have to buy myself something NOW. When everything is so damn cute, how do I decide what to deficit spend on? (didnít that just sound like one of those dopey Carrie Bradshaw topic sentences?)

4. My desk needs to be lowered to munchkin height. What that means is that TA has to cut the legs down to 24Ē. This will seriously make my office look like itís staffed by oompa loompas. Not that I care. If having a peewee desk means no longer having to endure tendonitis in my elbow, Iím all for it.

5. TA said, ďIf I donít get into grad school, we can use that money to move us back to Paris.Ē I like the sound of that.

6. Are you interested in dying your petís fur? Have at it.

2:43 p.m. - 2005-04-05



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