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Montreal is France with big boobs

If Montreal didnít have such harsh winters, Iíd move there in a heartbeat. Sure, itís got a bit too much of a patchouli/crunchy edge and thereís a lack of serious fancypants shopping, BUT it still scores so highly in all of the other Liveable City categories (that TA and I developed) that Iíd be willing to sacrifice my snobby designer needs. The Holt Renfrew in Montreal only carries the lower priced MJ line, and I need access to the black label even if I canít afford it.

Things that make Montreal an ideal place to live:
- located near a body of water, in this case the St Laurent
- good public transportation
- walkable
- universities
- little neighborhoods with distinct flavors
- good markets with good produce, good cheese, good meat/seafood
- good bread and viennoiseries
- cafes and a cafť culture
- bubbling street life
- ethnically diverse
- great restaurants
- affordable
- great live music by bands I actually like

I donít have our list handy, so Iím sure Iím missing something. But you get the point.

Highlights of the trip: dining by flickering candlelight on Boris Bistroís terrasse while a combo played lovely samba, eating warm St Viateur bagels (truly the best), shopping at Mojo and Pharmaprix and Lush, strolling along the Canal de Lachine, eating at the Mojo-ownerís recommendation, watching fireworks in Vieux-Montreal, holding hands in a downpour, long baths in the hotelís amazing bathtub, buying hard-to-find cds like this new compilation, loving too much attention from the hotel porter who looked un pítit peu like Jason Schwartzman, seeing this movie and finding $1.25 on the way out!

:: And now for the boring health update ::

My left pinkie, as you know, has been giving me trouble. When I described what was wrong with it to my occupational therapist, she doubled the ultrasound treatment in that area and instructed me to refrain from fisting.

Excuse me????

Thank god Iím not into fisting. I am, instead, into following my little exercise chart and occasional submitting to iontophoresis (itís a process that uses bipolar electric fields to propel molecules into underlying tissue.) I like that it feels like pinpricks, that I can actually feel something happening. Ultrasound is quiet and doesnít deliver any strong sensation so sometimes I feel a little skeptical about its effectiveness.

I now have a splint on each wrist, as well as a little tiny splint on my left pinkie. I asked the therapist if these were Forever solutions and she said no. Eventually, I will taper off wearing these things as my inflammation disappears and my range of motion returns.

Thank god because with the splints AND the boot, I look like a walking disaster, a demolition man.

In foot news: the foot is fine. I only have to wear the boot for a week more, and boy am I relieved. You cannot imagine how many questions Iíve had to field about the goddamn boot. Itís gotten to the point where instead of gnashing my teeth and snarling, ďLook, Iím an old fucking lady with bad feet and I had a bunion removed, ok?Ē I first say, ďOh that? Skateboarding.Ē If they look like they believe me, I let it die. Whoís to say I canít ollie? If they look incredulous, I add, ďActually, I did it in my Extreme Yoga class.Ē One guy yesterday was so insistent with his ďwas it a foot or a leg injury?Ē business that I replied, ďIt was my foot. I had a bone split, moved over and now thereís a titanium screw in there holding everything together. Iím the Terminator!Ē

3:51 p.m. - 2005-07-07



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