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Friday Stream of Consciousness

Friday Stream of Consciousness

1. Mr Bingo is moving! Itís official. Heís accepted a job in Manhattan and will be relocating from SF in a couple of months. I am very excited to have such a tremendous friend nearby. I donít have enough of those in my time zone.

2. TA and I are leaning towards moving to Manhattan as well. Itís not so much the commute from NH that is the issue (though it is at the very top of the list of Things That Are A Drag,) it is more the amount of time that TA is NOT spending at the school, in the building, on the 4th floor, in the company of his fellow students, soaking up everything that he can. We will either move at the beginning or the end of the summer, and rent out our place here.

3. The only ďTop ModelĒ to actually be ďmodelingĒ and the only one with a book deal. A girl who is putting both her looks and smarts to good use!

4. Collections: I agree with Cathy Horyn that both Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano are in top form, and that everything they do is interesting, startling, creative and phantasmagoric. When it comes to Dior, there are a lot of times when I donít LIKE the clothes, but I love the ideas behind them, the themes being explored. And there is really never a time I donít get excited about Chanel. Every season there is something that makes me laugh, swoon and squeal with delight. I just wish I were very, very rich.

I have to disagree with La Horyn when it comes to Gaultier, though. I love Jean-Paul.
Valentino? I donít get the appeal.
She assures me that in real life the clothes and detailing are amazing, but to me, his clothes are too safe.

5. I just want to get this off my chest because Iím totally embarassed about it and maybe making it public will help? I like the way SJP Lovely smells. There. Iíve said it.

6. Iím going to douse myself in LíEau Par Kenzo to cleanse myself now.

7. For once on The OC, I stand squarely with Marissa. Her little sister is a skank. Boy, that whole story line hits a bit too close to home, you know? Last night, it was like reliving my life at 20 and my stomach was in knots.

8. I forget what 8 was for.

9. Tomorrow night we are off to a Vietnamese dinner with our NH friends. A restaurant that was favorably reviewed by the NYT 6 years ago? I love Vietnamese food and cannot wait!

10. I am starting to be able to do arm balances and backbend (sometimes) in yoga. It is so hard for me NOT to hoot and cheer in class when I am able to put weight on my wrists without pain. It feels like such a huge victory for me. These twice weekly shots have been a miracle. Thank you so much, little Chinese hamster!

3:21 p.m. - 2006-01-27



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