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Damn you Enbrel!

I was excited when my rheumatologist put me on one 50mg injection per week instead of the two 25mg’s.

That was before I tried using the syringe.

Oh, the needle is the same size as the one that comes with the 25mg shots. It’s still a 27 gauge 1/2” needle. The problem is that the needle’s tip is protected by a rubber cap which DULLS it.

The first time I tried to shoot myself, I couldn’t get the needle into my skin. I tried three times, in different sites, and every time I jabbed (or as nurses say “used a dart-like motion”) I had sharp pain and couldn’t break through skin. It made me cry with frustration. I mean it’s bad enough that I am in pain to begin with, I don’t need the added stress of a medicine delivery system that makes me wince.

Needless to say, I was depressed. And covered in more red prick marks and bruises than ever before. I decided the call the medicine help line and talk to an advice nurse.

Her suggestion? “Try these comfort measures.” What the fuck kind of doublespeak is that? Of the 5 “measures” she suggested, I already do 4. The fifth--to ice before and after injection--just seems like an afterthought. Amgen and Wyeth, YOU SUCK!

If one 50mg injection is supposed to be more convenient than two 25’s, how can adding ice to the process keep the routine simple? This just seems like backpedaling on the drug manufacturer’s part.

Of course, the ice helped. It numbed me enough that I didn’t feel the needle going in, but I sure as hell felt the medicine being pushed into my skin. And that sucked because it didn’t feel so great. Then once the whole injection was over, I was sore in the injection site for a half an hour afterwards.

I’m not so sure the pain and inconvenience of the new shot is even worth the trouble. I’ve called my doctor to see if she’ll represcribe the 25mg shots. Maybe I can do two 25s in one day? I have enough shit to deal with in my life without having to add anxiety-provoking painful shots to the mix.

Lately, my hands have been more swollen than usual and I’m wondering is it the lack of wheat in my diet? That is the only thing that has changed for me in the last few weeks…

4:07 p.m. - 2006-03-21



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