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Downtown girl

Believe it or not, vegan firefighters. Another reason to love the New York Times.

And vegan firefighters!

Two nights ago, TA and I went over to our neighbor’s to help him polish off the cheeses, olives and snacks that constituted the food portion of the wine tasting. Oh yes, it was another Not Right For My Type evening, but it was fun (and fun is Right For My Type.) Another neighbor joined us. He’s the one I call Jason Bourne because he’s a lieutenant in the Navy, and is always going off on top secret nuclear submarine missions that he can’t tell us about. It is very easy to fuck with this sailor: mention fucking with the cable box in the basement, and he gets very uncomfortable.

Off topic: sometimes when I need a laugh, I read the Best Of section of Craig’s List. This onehad me in stitches. This one was good too.

Not so fun today: a date with a speculum. Boy, do I dislike gyno appts!

10:20 a.m. - 2006-03-30



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