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Birthday minus 1!

Londoners! My good friend The Rockstar is playing a few solo show in your fair city starting tomorrow night! She will not be rocking very hard because she will only be accompanied by her bass (drummer and guitarist have shit to do in LA,) so the songs will seem even more sad and depressing than usual. But do not despair! She is funny! And a friendly person! And sincere! You should all head out there and show her some love. Iím sending my little brother and all his RCA cronies to the Notting Hill Arts Club show on Saturday night. Should be fun. Mountains from Space are where itís at, yo.

My birthday is shaping up. I think Iíve decided to check out the Zittel show at the New Museum, then have lunch at Pastis. I am just really in the mood for comfort food, and comfort food = French (well it also = Mexican, but Iím not taking any risks.) After that, itís anybodyís guess what Iíll do, but odds are Iíll be nosing around Jeffrey, the Girlshop shop, and asking one of the nitwits at MJ for a tailor recommendation (my coat is literally in tatters and needs a new lining before next winter.)

I have two big boxes of presents at home, and another one that TA managed to hide from me. I canít wait to open them tomorrow morning!

5:22 p.m. - 2006-05-09



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