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I have been feeling really sluggish lately, and if I didnít know any better, Iíd blame it on my rheumatisms.

My general lethargy has more to do with seasonal allergies and the weather changes, than the creakiness and exhaustion brought on by rheumatoid arthritis. The air is slowing transmogrifying into a humid, soupy mess, and the trees are nonchalantly casting their little spores to the wind. Damn you, Nature!

I was hoping to have TA back among the living so that we could spend some quality time together, but his semester is stretching out a little further than he/we expected. Which is not altogether a bad thing.

He shipped one of his projects off to a show in Italy, and heís right now editing a video we shot (of him wearing and using his project. Itís a coat with technology embedded in one of the cuffs.) Weíve been spending late nights at my studio, and for the most part, itís been fun. The part that is not fun? That would be the part where TAís stalking my studio like an angry lion, kicking and smashing things, and annoyingly (and predictably) lamenting Perfectionís elusiveness.

Iíve wanted to kill him, oh, about a zillion times, but I havenít. His whole Artiste/Drama Queen rantings crack me up too much to dispose of him just yet.

The other exciting development is that one of TAís projects from a different class has been chosen to be presented at a toy company in Southern California. He is being flown out there at the end of June, and will attend an award dinner with other students from around the world.

I canít even begin to tell you how excited and happy I am for him. He is finally getting the kind of validation heís always deserved, and he is fully taking advantage of being a student at a name-brand school. The university did the right thing handing him a merit grant. He is totally kicking ass! He is surrounded by people 15 years younger, but heís got more drive and ambition than a lot of them. He is totally my hero.

I wish I had something as exciting as all that to say about myself, but Iím in a boring phase. Itís one of those phases where I work, sleep, eat, practice yoga and occasionally worry about what Iím doing with my lifeÖ

7:28 p.m. - 2006-05-13



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