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The Golden State

I canít get over how bloody hot it has been here. I googled the weather and it turned up 84į yesterday, but I swear to you it must have been at least 10 degrees warmer in this apartment. This morning at 9 am, the thermometer was already at 70į.

But no humidity! Thatís a relief.

Tonight we fly to LA for TAís big presentation on Monday. Weíre staying an extra day for fun and frolic with friends. Sigerson Morrison is having their 30% off sale (for me!) and thereís a free screening of An Inconvenient Truth. I canít wait to have coffee and a chocolate cupcake at Joanís. Oh my god, and a reuben at Canterís! Iíll have to fast before that, though. I can never finish those things.

I went to a yoga class yesterday. It was in Palo Alto. I had TA drop me off on his way to work, and then I took the train home (it was a Spare The Air day so the ride was free!) The class wasnít bad, actually. Maybe a little slow/beginnery for me, but I liked the teacher and the studio was pretty nice. I wish there were something closer to home, but the Peninsula is not a yoga wonderland so TA and I will have to come up with a car/train/carpool schedule.

To find the class, I googled some stuff and ended up at Tribenet. I canít believe I did this, but I joined a yoga tribe in order to ask a question about local yoga and lots of nice people came to my rescue. The problem now of course is that they all want to be linked to me as friends, and well, theyíre hippy losers? Kinda? One guy is recently into Burning Man (where was he 12 years ago when it might have actually been cool?) and the other one is into devotional chanting. As a hobby! I mean, itís fine if you limit your chanting to the confines of a yoga class, but to do it on your own? For fun? Whaaaaaaaatttttt?

Just another example of my attraction/repulsion to the whole yoga thing. I blame the Ď67 Summer of Love for all of these paradoxical feelings. Those hippies should have camped a little further away from my parentsí house, dammit.

Iíve got a bunch of work to finish up this morning. Then itís errands, more errands, then pick TA up at work and whisk us both off to the airport. Los Angeles, here we come!

9:33 a.m. - 2006-06-23



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