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Where the deer and the antelope play

Some highlights of the cross-country trip (photos to come, they’re all loaded on TA’s laptop and the computer is with him at school right now)

- Fresh raspberry milkshakes in Garden City, UT
- All of Wyoming from the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone to the Irma Hotel in Cody where we ate surrounded by giant taxidermied moose, bison, elk and a snowcat posed on his hind legs reaching for a bird in flight
- The Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone. Most of the employees were an international roster of twentysomethings getting experience in hotel management. The girl making our cappuccinos had a badge that said, “Eileen” and underneath it was “Ohio.” So TA asked her if her last name really was Ohio. She replied, “Yeah, and my middle name is Dayton.” TA didn’t understand. So I added, “And the girl who took our dinner reservation? Her last name was Czech Republic?” He was so confused and caffeine deprived, it took him a long time to realize what was going on. Pobrecito.
- Mt Rushmore, and the barely completed but still crazy impressive Crazy Horse monument. That chief is going to dwarf the white men of Rushmore
- The Black Hills of South Dakota which are not black at all, but beautiful, lush with dramatic granite outcroppings.
- Bison, elk, antelope, deer, regular eagles and a bald one, vultures, turkeys, prairie dogs and cicadas (and no armadillos, Gentry,) some in the air, some on the ground, in the middle of the road. TA also mistakenly ran over a tiny frog and nearly cried right there in the parking lot, standing over the frog’s little pool of blood. Not really a highlight of the trip, actually. TA exclaimed, “Maybe he’s one of those frogs that spits blood as a defense mechanism and he’s not really injured or dead at all?”
- Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska
- Chimney Rock in Nebraska. It’s made of sandstone and is slowly eroding. So the Chimney Rock that we saw is slightly flatter than the one the pioneers used for navigation
- The World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas (way cooler than the World’s Largest Prairie Dog)
- Gates barbecue in Kansas City. It was really, really finger-lickin’ delicious and messy and awesome. I tried three different sauces and loved them all. TA tried Arthur Bryant’s last time around, and said he thought Gates was better. I still don’t understand how white bread + bbq meat = sandwich or a meal. The Frenchie in me needs a salad or some other green vegetable that isn’t a) jello or b) enrobed in mayonnaise. Still, I’ve got a bottle of Gates sauce and I cannot wait to slather it on some grilled chicken

After Kansas, things get a little blurry as we did a lot of driving and not so much sightseeing. I’m sure once I get the pictures, more stuff will come to me but this will have to do for now. I need to run home now.

3:20 p.m. - 2006-09-06



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