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I forgot that I had an appt with the smartass Dermatologist yesterday. I had a weird thing on my neck, another weird thing on my chest and a growth on my nose.

Ew! I know! A growth on my nose! And it was right in a section under the tip but near the opening of my right nostril that made it appear I had a bat in the cave!

I didnít used to be so hypersensitive about things on my olive skin, but ever since my uber Mediterranean father got two different kinds of skin cancer, I donít take any chances.

Anyway, the thing on my neck was nothing, the thing on my chest was suspicious, and the thing on my nostril?

A wart!

Double Ew!

He shaved both the suspicious chestal thing and the wart off, but not before injecting both sites with numbing compound. You know I donít fear the needle, but let me tell you: having a tiny little needle inserted into the fine skin underneath the tip of your nose is really, really off-putting. It didnít hurt, but it was strange. Especially when some of the compound dripped into my nose and down my throat.

The whole procedure took 5 minutes at the most. Both slivers are being sent to pathology, and the nurse gave me Bacitracin ointment and band-aids for wound care. The wart site on my nose is a little scabby, but so tiny, you canít even tell itís there.

Other excitement around these parts:
- finally got the car back from the shop after two weeks. Itís running like a champ, and it had betteróthey dropped the transmission, fixed a bunch of leaks, repaired the rattling doors and the tiptronic thingie. This thing canít break anymore, itís not under warrantee
- I am going to the rollerderby in Manhattan on Friday night! Itís going to be ugly and violent and kitschy and awesome and I canít wait!
- I watched this frightening video then this parodic response which made me practically pee in my pants. Everything I say these days is followed by, ďFuck, yeah!Ē Guaranteed to make you giggle even when you just hum the melody.

12:03 p.m. - 2006-10-10



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