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A case of the Mondays...

I'm talking to the Creative Director of the New York office today at noon.

I feel sick to my stomach.

My friend Harriet has told me not to stress about it. "It's a conversation! It's not an interview. Ask all the questions you have percolating in your head, you've got nothing to lose."

TA said, "What are you worried about? At this point in your career, you don't need to prove yourself. You and he just need to determine if you're the right fit. That's all."

And Gentry added, "This is not an interview! You're a professional! You don't need to prove yourself. Just call it a Conversation Of Fun."

It's nice to know I have such awesome supportive people around.

I know they're right, and I believe everything they've said. But I still feel, like, GAH.

Oh, I tried to refill my prescription and the pharmacist called to tell me that a one month supply is $1350. Since my prescription assistance hasn't come through yet, I told him to cancel the refill. I'm just going to have to subsist with some pain for the time being.


10:29 a.m. - 2006-12-11



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