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Demain je travaille.

A friend of a friend runs a large format magalog (he calls it a magazine) called [name of city] sur la Terre (on Earth.) Theyíre sold in some kiosques, but are mostly found in hotels.

A few months ago I went to his office to give his staff designer some feedback on a secondary magazine they were thinking of launching, and long story short, there wasnít much for me to do and I made a quick 800 francs. Two months ago, he called wanting me to do some production work on one of the mags, and because he wanted to pay me 1/2 my rate, I had to say no. I donít mind helping someone out when theyíre struggling, but the guy drives a sauced Mercedes and the one time I met his wife, she was wearing the most buttery soft leather pants... so for him, itís 100% my rate or no go.

Tomorrow Iím going to his offices to design a card/flyer thingie for his father who is a shoe designer. Iím not getting my hopes up. In the shoe department that is. His fatherís name isnít Michel Perry after all. He doesnít want me to spend all day on it, he says itís a quick job (non-designers are always so cavalier in their time assessments) so I wonít break my head over it. Whoops, that was a French expression that I just translated into English without even thinking, but you get my point.

And it couldnít work out better because I saw some cute things at Cacharel and Zadig & Voltaire today. I really should use the money I make to get a winter coat, but the thought of trying on a coat in this humid hot weather just nauseates me. Iíd better get cracking on the winter wardrobe thing, though, because shit sells out. And you know, I just realized how ridiculous it is for me to be thinking Winter when in a matter of a month and a half, I will be in Los Angeles, Land of Perpetual Sun.


Right now they are showing a film at Saint Sulpice. Thereís an outdoor screen set up, with people are sprinkled about. There is a whole festival going on where they show films in the original locations in which they were shot--so tonightís movie features Saint Sulpice. I missed most of it because at 10 pm, I had to have an ice cream, and I dragged Terence to the rue Mouffetard where there is an ice cream place to die for! They scoop the ice cream with a paddle, and layer the ice cream as they pivot the cone, making the final thing look like a beautiful and delicious flower. I had raspberry and vanilla, Terence had melon and mango.

11:17 p.m. - 2001-08-22



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