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Retail potty mouth

Today I went to Trashy Lingerie with my friend Hilary because she had to exchange some Christmas gifts she had bought for friends.

The place is pretty well known. You have to buy a one year membership to go in, but it’s $1 or something. I think they do this to dissuade gawkers and lookyloos from browsing. At first I thought the store was trashy in name only--the merchandise is definitely cheesy but by no means vulgar or gross; it runs the gamut from silly stripper outfits with feather boa trim to tame little bra and panty sets. While in the store, I overheard an exchange between some employees and realized the place is ‘Trashy’ because the people who work there are trash-talking and tacky and offensive. Jesus, I can’t believe the employees were talking like that in a store full of customers. One woman got reprimanded by the boss, and as he was walking away she said to another employee, “If he actually had balls, he would have just said ‘no’ to my face, but he’s such a gutless wonder he didn’t have the nerve to say that in front of so-and-so...” and on and on, swearing a blue streak. There was absolutely no attempt made to be subtle or to keep her voice down. It was just unprofessional, and it created, at least for me, an uncomfortable environment to shop in. Going in, I had been excited about perhaps making a purchase but after that little outburst, I decided I did not want to give them my money. I won’t even shop at their online store (which is *actually* trashy because all of the models look like inflatable dolls with pneumatic breasts.)

I don’t yet have resolutions but I suppose I could use the Trashy experience as an opportunity to create one: in 2002, I will only spend my money where my business is valued, in stores that make me feel special or create an ambiance that is conducive to happy expenditure. Terence calls this ‘voting with your dollar’ and I think it’s a good general policy. Maybe I’ll just institute it this year, but make it a lifelong priority.

So there you go: resolution numéro un.

8:33 p.m. - 2002-01-05



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