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Yet another thing to be depressed about: Adult Diapers in size XL. Jeez louise, the things you see walking around my neighborhood.

I think I may be going to New York in May. A friend of mine has come up with what could very well be a genius idea, and we are heading to the Gift Fair to check out the competition. We are hoping to keep expenses down by doing a home exchange. Well, *she* is doing the home exchange because her apartment is furnished and sheís not nearly as paranoid as me. My apartment has a bed, yes, but the rest of the place consists of 3 computers, 2 printers, and an expensive espresso machine in a pear tree--not exactly palatial digs for some visiting East Coastie. Iím excited about heading to Nueva Zhork but kinda nervous too; what if I donít want to come back? I am prepared for this already, as that is always my Big Fear, and Terenceís Biggest Fear. He went to New York once, and almost didnít return--and he thinks the same will happen to me. Weíll see.

Living in New York would be fantastic, but I would probably have to cave and get a job with a firm in order to be able to live in the manner to which Iíve become accustomed. I donít think I would be able to survive as nicely on my own little connections and design jobs, but maybe I could. I would have to test the waters first. Who knows, I may end up in Manhattan after all. Terenceís job search is going very slowly, and he may soon have to widen his net beyond the Los Angeles area. As long as he doesnít get some kick-ass job offer from a place in the flyover zone...

Something to gripe about: slack restaurant service

ďHowzit goiní?Ē This is not what I want to hear from my waiter. Pardon me for being a stickler for decorum, but could I be served with a little more deference? I donít want to go out back and share your bong and be your buddy brah, I just would like for you to take my order and do your job. And donít even get me started on ďare you still working on that?Ē Itís food, people, not a car!

Something to rejoice about: yoga at 6 pm

Hopefully, an hour and a half of mindfulness will give me a more positive outlook.

2:19 p.m. - 2002-02-08



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