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Oy my aching back

I threw my back out.

There was no actual throwing involved, making it rather difficult for me to analyze what exactly I did to cause myself injury. All I know is that 600 mg of Motrin later, I am finally standing more like homo sapiens than cro magnon man. If you knew how naturally spritely I am, you would be horrified to learn that Iíve spent most of the afternoon in bed, propped up with pillow, alternately playing Palm Pilot games, sleeping and re-reading magazines and catalogs. Immobility drives me nuts.

Turns out I am not flying up to SF for a presscheck. Thank god for that. Presschecks are frustrating and grueling and stressful and I am in no condition to be travelling so itís fine with me.

The sad thing about being in pain is that I was planning to follow a reader's suggestion and head to Don Antonio's for $1 tacos tonight. I'll just have to play my sick card, and let Terence make me dinner. He's actually a very sweet and thoughtful nurse so I won't have to use any telepathy or magic to get my way.

6:52 p.m. - 2002-03-13



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