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I'm a homegirl, Dannyyyyyyy

I discovered a moth hole in my favorite cashmere sweater last night!

I was washing my hands in the movie theater bathroom, when Hilary remarked, “you haven’t worn that sweater in a while.” And just as I was rinsing and noting that it was one of the few sweaters to have escaped the ravages of The Mothdom Prophecy, I noticed a little hole in the left sleeve.


Fortunately, the nibbled area is pretty small, and I think it can be fixed. So long as I can find a professional re-weaver or whatever it is those hole-fixers are called. I am contemplating calling the Tse store in San Francisco to see if they have any recommendations for repairpeople there or in Los Angeles. Right now, the sweater is quarantined in a sink full of what else? Woolite. I should really buy fucking stock, I use so much of it.

I’m trying not to be too bummed out about it. What’s done is done, right? At least, it’s a sweater I’ve worn to death. Given my maxim of “one dollar a day” that justifies all expensive purchases, the sweater’s more than paid off. It would be worse to have found a hole in a garment I've never worn, or seldom wear.

Right. So last night, I went to an advance screening of “Empire” a Puerto Rican Goodfellas-type of movie. It was merely ok. John Leguizamo is really the only reason to see it. Oh yeah, that, and watching Denise Richards take one in the head. That was my favorite part. I suppose that in the name of Brown Power, I should urge you all to see it this weekend, to support Latino filmmaking etc, but I can’t because the film’s just not very good and not worth $9.75, mang.

Irving is playing a free in-store at Amoeba tonight and if I can get the car out from behind my building and muster up the energy, I’ll go. In other exciting music news, I just got the latest newsletter from Tricatel, my fake French boyfriend Bertrand Burgalat's label, announcing the February release of a new album by April March. Yay! They're going to be previewing tracks every week or so, so head to the site and have a little listen.

And I thought my life was boring when Terence was IN town... sheesh!

10:45 a.m. - 2002-12-05



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