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That's the thing with demons...

Yo, a special shout-out to the diary reader who told me about Adrien Brody's appearance in Tori Amos's new video. Thank god for the mute button; I very much enjoyed Adrien in absolute + reverential silence.

Todayís yoga class left me feeling so elated, I practically bounced down Fairfax to my house.

Halfrek, a vengeance demon from Buffy, practiced right next to me and she is one kick-ass yogi. Itís sad that she got killed off a few episodes ago, and sadder still that the series is ending. I will be bummed to see the show end, but will glad to be rid of Dawn, WORST CHARACTER EVER.

Back to yoga: while I wasnít able to put my foot behind my head ŗ la Madonna in W, I was able to do a split handstand to warrior three without too much trouble today. I was so sweaty and out of it at the end of class that I agreed to do some work/exchange tomorrow morning. It wonít be that bad, actually; Iíll just wear my yoga clothes and take a class after my shift. Saturdays are no different to me than Wednesdays or any other day of the week. Any day can be a day off if I feel like shirking my responsibilities.

Some new projects on the horizon! Some new FUN ones, that is. I canít wait to have time to sit down and start brainstorming. I got a call the other day from the editor of that terrible publisher I did production for--guess what? The company is closed forever, and everyoneís been laid off. I just hope that the final, paltry check they sent me will not bounce.

What else...

I canít believe I still havenít been down to 3rd Street to check on the progress of my Sigerson Morrison shoe store! Yes, itís mine. What if construction is finished? What if all the small sizes are gone? What if by some miracle of God I magically had money to spend on shoes? What would I do then? In my gluttony, I would probably buy more than one pair of shoes, thatís what.

I thought the cornbread I ate about an hour ago would hold me for longer, but now Iím starving to death. I have to cobble together a nourishing meal so that I donít succumb to my inner demon and inhale the pecan pie thatís in the fridge.

1:48 p.m. - 2003-03-28



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