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One step ahead... how many steps back?

I had another freaky dream last night! This one was brought on (I think) by eating a blondie and some ice cream at 10:30 pm, and watching “Shampoo.” Something about Warren Beatty and Julie Christie caused my subconscious to make me live through:

1. Terence leaving me for 21-year old Natalia Vodianova

2. The two of them getting beat up by a gang of thugs (I rescued them)

3. The two of them then getting thrown in jail for something or other (and I sprung them)

4. Travelling with the two of them, and listening to Natalia go on about how great Terence is

5. Agreeing with Natalia that Terence is a catch and not really feeling any regret or disappointment

6. Watching Natalia unpack her bags and watching her take out clothes and trinkets and realizing that Terence had (obviously) given her a lot of the same stuff he’d given me.

7. Breaking down and sobbing.

8. Waking up!

Hi. Good morning.

Other things that have happened in real life lately:

1. Some jackass spilled his flavored sports water on my yoga mat in class the other day. He neither apologized nor helped clean it up.

2. That actress who was on “Cupid” with Jeremy Piven was in my yoga class. She kicked ass.

3. I went to a Kinks tribute show at the Derby.

4. I accompanied Harriet to Meltdown Comics and got a free t-shirt.

5. Harriet took us out to dinner to a cute place in West Hollywood called “Hedley’s.” Two days later, the restaurant was profiled by Daily Candy. This has been happening a lot lately. We think we discover some place, and boom! Daily Candy’s got the scoop. And the thing is none of us thinks we’re that cool or have our fingers that firmly placed on the pulse of what’s hot and new.

I’m off to buy supplies for my final project for school, and then perhaps a tiny jaunt to Apartment #3 (also profiled by Daily Candy... grrr) and then finally and hopefully, an ice cream cone. That sounds very refreshing.

1:47 p.m. - 2003-08-05



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