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No zip, no verve

I am tired.

Yesterday’s yoga class kicked my ass, and as a result, today’s class was a bit of a struggle. Once I was warmed up, things felt better, but I skipped a bunch of vinyasas cause I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

I ate hamburgers for dinner two nights in a row, and they were so good. Sometimes (like when you’re depleted of iron once a month) it’s good to have some red meat. When I converted from vegetarianism, the meat would sit in my stomach like a rock for what seemed like days. Now, I digest it with ease.

One of my yoga teachers mentioned that she’d gone to see a nutritionist about what she was eating. She was feeling unbalanced and wanted to see what in her diet was contributing to this sensation. After an hour and a half consultation, the diagnosis was that she was eating like an Asian person, but she’s actually from Eastern European stock. That’s why she was “off”. Her diet was too rich in soy products, nuts, fruits, and she needed more protein and more dairy.

I asked her if she was eating meat, and she said no. She’d incorporated more eggs and more fish into her diet, but the meat thing, she couldn’t do.

Her diagnosis reminded me of the Eat Right For Your Type book, where diet is broken down by blood type. I followed it for about a month, and I felt really skinny and good. I’m 0 Positive so I ate a LOT of meat. I was not allowed dairy or bread or coffee which is why I couldn’t keep it up. A day without bread or cheese or coffee is a day I’m not interested in being awake for.

Which leads me to this: I have been off coffee/caffeine for about three weeks. The pain it was causing was too excrutiating to ignore, and I finally decided to try life without it. I do have prescription pills that I take everyday, that are supposed to reduce the amount of acid boiling around in my stomach, but I thought I would try to ee if I could make diet changes that would have the same effect as the drugs.

Well, I am here to tell you that yes, I feel better, but life without coffee is colorless. Why live? Making decaf tea in the mornings is nowhere near as fun as preparing an espresso. Tea doesn’t smell as good as coffee, and I don’t feel as satisfied after a cup of tea as I do after a cup of coffee. It’s enough to make me experiment with ersatz substitutes like Postum! But I think Postum’s more depressing than just drinking tea. I told my older sister that I’d given up coffee, and she said, “Wow, that’s so sad. Coffee is so much a part of your personality!”

Eventually, when I feel enough time has elapsed, I will introduce decaf cappuccinos into my diet and see what happens. I cannot wait for that day! If I can drink a decaf cappuccino without pain, I will be triumphant!

7:29 p.m. - 2003-08-21



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