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A few things that have happened recently, in no particular order:

1. I was told by the asthma researcher that I am almost at non-compliance with my flaky unreliable medicine-taking, and that Iíve got to try to be more diligent. He did tell me that I could put all 4 respules in the nebulizer at once, rather than do two and two. Then he added that if I canít be connected to the breathing tube for 40 minutes while the medicine makes its way into my lungs, then I should at least do it for 30 minutes. That sounds like a workable plan.

2. I tried to see Mars.

In truth, I have seen Mars. From my apartment. Itís hard to miss since itís the brightest thing in the sky. Terence and I, and Harriet and her bf had dinner then trekked out to Griffith Park to see Mars through some high-powered telescopes. Because the only thing better than seeing Mars from your bedroom window, is seeing its ice caps and landscape with your own set of eyes. Unfortunately, it didnít work out the way we planned, since we jumped from line to line, hoping for a shorter line to a better telescope, and in the end, after an hour, we ended up peering through the viewfinder of some amateurís $129.99 Radio Shack contruction and we didnít see jack.

At least, the planetís in the sky until October. So Iíve got two months to befriend an astronomer with some kick-ass equipment.

3. Ha! I love that last sentence.

4. Before the Mars viewing, there was eating, courtesy of Harriet and her expense account. We ate at Puranís on Vermont, and it was yummy. Having great friends is... well, great, but even better than great friends are great friends with corporate cards. Yay expense accounts!

5. I signed up for some classes. I am taking a preliminary Flash class and the second installment of my texture/surface design class. That should keep me busy for a while. I also considered doing the yoga teacher training this term, but felt my committment was not what it should be. $1900 is a big investment to make when youíre not even 100% certain of your degree of purpose.

6. I talked to my friend Tracy yesterday who said that she thinks of me as one of those superbusy wonderwomen, and that sounded strange to me. I always feel like Iím not doing enough, and that I am constantly wasting valuable time. She said I have a disorder thatís similar to anorexia, only instead of being obsessed with food, I am obsessed with accomplishing, accomplishing, accomplishing. I think I just keep occupied as a way to obliterate the fact that I have no money, no work, few prospects, a dwindling 401k, and a LOT of anxiety about the future. I have plenty of time, and itís got to be filled up with pro bono projects, yoga, work exchange, home improvements, school, reading, diarylanding, writing or I will lose my mind and any self esteem that remains.

7. My mother just interrupted me with a phone call. She and my father are back from France. I am no longer safe on US soil.

8. Was I ever?

10:25 a.m. - 2003-08-28



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