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I am working on another Top-Secret project, this time with a yogi. Shes got some smart ideas and shes super motivated. Im psyched because I think her concept is clever, her dream is big (like, Target/WalMart big) and shes enthusiastic.

I had a meeting with her yesterday, and before she ate her food, she bowed towards it, closed her eyes and, I think, said some kind of prayer or blessing. Then she dug in like it was her last meal on earth.

It made me smile.

When I was a kid, we went to church every Sunday, but we never said grace before we ate. The closest I ever came to grace was in France, when my grandmother and my aunt would wordlessly bless the bread before slicing it, by drawing a cross on the bottom of the loaf with a knife. I liked the scraping sound.

I had one friend growing up who was hyperCatholic. Her father had studied to become a priest until he met and fell in love with her mother. Thats the story, anyway. How he went from near priesthood to becoming the president of the BNP in San Francisco I never figured out. Anyway, he was severe looking and kind of freaked me out, but he was like a ghost. I didnt see him much. He attended services every single day at 6 am, except on Sundays when he would go to mass with the rest of the family.

I would spend entire weekends with Pascale, from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, and it was always like one long dream for me. The reverie would begin with a chauffeur picking us up from school, and depositing us in Hillsborough, a wealthy suburb of SF with good weather. Wed swim in the pool, go ice skating, see movies, and play the entire time. I dont remember ever doing a chore, or a dish, or being yelled at or punished. It was incredible.

On Monday mornings, her father would drive us to school and we would recite Notre Pre before getting out of the car. At the time, I was totally disinterested in my catechism classes (and was on the verge of being expelled from the Confirmation prep,) but loved the ritual of saying our Father in the mornings. I liked the way he led the prayer, and enjoyed the discipline and the ceremony and how it lent structure to the day.

Not that Im about to introduce religion or blessing into my life, but... I do like order.

2:58 p.m. - 2003-08-30



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