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LA-SF-LA in 3 days

I am in SF, sitting in Mr Bingoís apartment, listening to the rain and a little Vic Damone. What could be better?

This visit has been a 2-day whirlwind, but itís been fun. The best part has been staying here, instead of at my insane parentsí house. It is much more relaxing and calm, even with the streetcar clattering by every 15 minutes. Iíll take random urban noise any day over my motherís simmering anger and my fatherís gnashing.

I bought my nephew a new skate deck, and the guys at the shop were super nice. Terence said itís because they never see girls in there. Thanks, and I thought it was my adorability to charm.

We went bowling at Yerba Buena for my nephewís birthday and I had no idea that was possible. You can even ice skate which is a trip, and there was some kid on the ice doing all sorts of Kristi Yamaguchi maneuvers. When I was little, there was an indoor ice rink out in the avenues but we hardly ever went because getting there was a pain in the ass. And it smelled funny.

I am not a bowler. The first game I had the lowest score (something like 28?) but after a little coaching from Terence and from my sisters, I improved. After that, we fucked around Yerba Buena, playing in the kidís area and going down slides. Then we discovered all the teenagers doing crimes. We busted two kids either huffing or graffiti-ing (the smell of spray paint coming off of them was dizzying), some other kids ďgrab-assingĒ as my father likes to say, other random teens drinking beers and smoking cigarettes.

Aahhhh, youth. Totally wasted on the young.

I brought one outfit with me: cropped 501s, tshirt, pull marin, monkey boots. This was my insurance against trying to make tons of plans with tons of people. When you donít have your sassy wear, you donít feel like being seen, and youíre less likely to go to Marc Jacobs (and other places) to spend money you donít have. I didnít even go downstairs to the Orbit Room. I just drank wine and champale in Mr Bingoís mid-century jewelbox.

Oh, and he left me presents! A vintage umbrella with a lucite handle, and a cd.

The clock is ticking and I must jump in the shower. We have a brunch date before we get back on the road.

9:53 a.m. - 2003-11-15



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