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A new haven

I really wish I had time to live an exciting life and chronicle it in this diary. I spend all of my time working and complaining and stressing out and not sleeping and grinding my teeth. Itís upsetting to say the least.

I am pathetically broke. All of my bills are going to be paid late. We bought some produce the other day with a ripped dollar and change we found in the car. Weíve been handwashing our clothes in the bathtub. Terence drained his entire 401k so not only do we no longer have a safety net of cash, he has no retirement savings.

I was way down in the 9th circle of the Dumps today when I swallowed my pride and asked my parents for a loan. My mother said I didnít have to pay her back, but I will as soon as I get paid (next week maybe? or the week after?)

And I was feeling worse when I realized that I have no free classes left at yoga and I so need that right now.

And worser yet: a little health problem that Iíve been ignoring blew up in my face and demanded to be dealt with. I have a doctorís appointment on Monday, and another appointment at the end of the month with a specialist.

Then Terence got a job offer from Connecticut. I think heís going to take it.

Iím moving to Connecticut.

Holy shit.

7:13 p.m. - 2003-12-05



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