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Moving on

Ok, the shock of moving to the other coast has somewhat abated. Eventhough the company will pay for the move and temporary housing, all of the details in the here and now are still stressing me out. You know, like bills, clients who havenít paid me yet, $80 in my checking account, the mail carrier who decided to take yesterday off and not tell anyone...


At least, my skin looks good! I ran out of my PTR Max Sheer All Day Defense Cream and started using a sample of Boscia Vital Daily Moisture. So far, so good.

What else? I am surrounded by workers. Both of the buildings on either side of mine now have roofers on them. The building on the north has, in addition, floor sanders and other folks tearing up the kitchen and bathrooms. Pile on garderners and helicopters broadcasting slow-speed chases, and itís a wonder I accomplish anything at all. Iíve always liked the hustle and bustle of the city, but there are certain noises that get on my nerves. Busses are ok, the clickety-clack of womenís heels on the sidewalks are ok, honking cabs are ok, but these people with their HOMES that need MORTGAGES and REPAIRS to fulfill their AMERICAN DREAMS! I want to kill them!

It reminds me of a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a friend of mine up in SF. Heís a creative director with hundreds of years of experience, and heís having trouble finding any kind of work. He said, ďYou know, you just see these people walking down the street, with their CLOTHES... and their FUTURES... and their JOBS!Ē It still makes me laugh.

Itís true that I chose to be my own boss. What Iím feeling right now is exactly the thing that dissuades most from striking out on their own. I know that the sacrifices are worth it, and that once I get paid, things will return to ďnormal.Ē

Iíve worked in offices before, and Iíve always been unhappy. Long hours, low pay? Isnít that what I have now? Except on my own time? With the possibility of taking a 3 hour lunch if I want to? Or go to yoga at 10:30 without having to clear it with anyone? Or engage in sexy romps whenever my assistant is around?

Iím getting pretty good at cheering myself up. It also helps that Iíve received at least two calls from Gentry, someone who understands the pressures and pleasures of DIY; many calls and invitations from friends, snuggletime provided by Terence and deficit-spent entertainment courtesy of Netflix.

Things could be a lot worse.

10:30 a.m. - 2003-12-09



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