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Short and sweet

Last night I watched a marathon of SATC with Harriet and didnít get home til 1:45 am.

Naturally, I was up at 6:15 am. For no other reason than my body just stressed itself into awakedness, and I had no choice but to stagger out of bed and work, hoping for a nap later in the day.

Well, I napped a little bit during what I didnít realize was High Call Volume time and it was very unpleasant. I almost went out to the car to sleep in there. I couldnít figure out how to lower the ringer on the goddamned phone, and I just got more and more cranky. By the time Mr Bingo called, I was in a horrible state. Thank god he was able to entertain me.

And I made pancakes to cheer myself up.

Iím going to try another nap in a few. Iím off to see The Shins tonight, and I have to be alert. This may be the last show I see for a while. I donít hold a lot of hope that New Haven will be a touring destination for the bands I like.

Enough with the complaining. Have I mentioned how excited I am about my waxing appointment tomorrow morning? I am waxing rhapsodic! I cannot wait to be shorn and groomed. It will greatly improve this new round of underwear shopping. Perhps itís Valentineís Day, or maybe the prospect of living somewhere fashion-free, but Iíve been feeling the need to go to Agent Provocateur and buy myself something naughty and deluxe. Or maybe itís a case of, when the catís away, the mouse will play?

6:09 p.m. - 2004-02-05



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