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Clothes minded

Today Iíve got to tidy up, then head to my studio to wait for the phone guy. There isnít a single phone jack in there, and I really hope it wonít be a giant problem getting connected to the larger grid. I need a phone, but mostly, I needs my crack!*


In other news: the studio and apartment projects have nearly decimated my fashion budget for Fall. As you might imagine, I am very cranky about this. For the first time in 3 years, I actually have the means to acquire designer pieces from my favorite season, and wouldnít you know it, I canít indulge because in the final analysis, HOUSING is more important than CLOTHES. As much as it pains me to admit it, in this instance practicality trumps looking gorgeous. I am all about the finer things in life, but unfortunately I am also deadly sensible.

Not that clothes arenít a good investment. I contend that certain designer accessories, shoes or pieces of clothing are as valuable as stock, fine art or real estate. Tell me that an HermŤs Birkin bag doesnít appreciate over time? Or that an Yves Saint Laurent smoking doesnít have a high return? I would rather buy a Martin Grant trenchcoat than a new car. Do you realize that new autos depreciate at a rate of 20% per year, starting from the moment you drive the auto off the lot? Thatís insane!

The advantage of investing in clothing is that you can wear it every day and derive enjoyment from it EVERY DAY. You look in the mirror, and you look and feel great. Itís way more fun than the self-satisfied secret ďOooh, I know that as I sit here non-chalantly drinking my coffee, my S&P 500 Tracking Fund is growing exponentially!Ē Believe me, Iíve been there, nursing a cappuccino at the cafť, feeling smug about my financial security. It is nothing compared to the excitement and thrill you get from wearing a limited-edition designer coat that fits you precisely, makes you feel gorgeous and that will last you a lifetime (provided you a] take good care of it, and b] donít gain tons of weight.)

Anyway, I realize that investments are discretionary, and that the way a person chooses to grow their money is entirely personal. Iím not ONLY investing in fashion, you know. Iím diversified: a little fashion, some mutual funds, a money market fund, savings, a Sep-IRAÖ a girlís gotta have her bases covered (preferably in some kooky David Hicksian fabric, some mod Lucienne Day print or perhaps some graphic Marimekko?)

TA just called to inform me of two things:
- the Trooper has officially been donated to charity. He phoned just as the tow-truck was driving away. A moment of prayer for our old trusty car. Iím going to miss it.
- The phone line here is dead. The transfer must be in progress. Strangely, I still have DSL. Phew!

9:40 a.m. - 2004-10-08



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