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Steeeeeeeeeeeam heat

Yesterday, it was 86 degrees, but it felt like 98 because the humidity was at 77%. The elms outside my window were moving but all my efforts at bringing the breeze inside my studio were fruitless. Useless fucking wind.

Then later, around 7 I think, it just started pouring rain. That would be humidity at 100%?

Who gets peevish when itís humid out?

As a matter of fact humidity is the reason I had to stop taking Bikram yoga classes. I would spend an hour and a half suppressing the urge to kill those around me (I especially wanted to murder those folks who would allow their perspiration to drip onto MY MAT,) then I would leave and yell at people on the bus. Oh yes, I would! Not that I should be proud of getting angry at complete strangers, but a lot of times I was provoked. Perhaps there was something in my post-yoga mien that invited insults, I have no idea. You wouldnít believe how many times old people would say mean shit to me on the streetcar and on the bus. (They do that even when Iím not in a post-yoga high. TA can back me up on this.)

Anyway, the other thing that I hated about Bikram? The studio always smelled like steamed artichokes. Was it the heat? The humidity? The mats and towels? Do all Bikram studios smells like this? I like artichokes, but I donít live in Castroville for a reason. (This is a good alternate view.)

Yoga is going very well. My wrists are sore and still cannot bend at a 90 degree angle, but I am able to do more and more in class. I have been given modifications and advice on propping, and these seem to be doing the trick. I am still not doing chataranga, but my arm/shoulder strength is coming back. I am still not doing arm balances, but yesterday I did a supported handstand and a forearm balance at the wall. The microscopic progress that Iíve made in the last two weeks is really helping me stay focused and positive. I just need to be patient and take things slowly.

And speaking of patient, I have an appointment with Dr B the rheumatologist this afternoon. I hope she has good news for me.

9:23 a.m. - 2005-07-28



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