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My taxes are finished and ready to be mailed to R, my accountant. I’m about a month late acc. to my own milestone, but I am still pretty happy with having organized and completed everything before the accountant’s March 31st deadline.

I am really hoping to catch a break this time around. IRS, do you hear me?

I also finished designing a sample layout for a book project that landed on my desk last week. As usual, it’s a rush project, the client is on fire, the press date in China “cannot budge!”, etc etc… I have been wanting to whine about “what is it about me that attracts these needy people?” but the truth is, I must enjoy the frenetic pace of crazy projects or I wouldn’t taken them on. There are no victims, after all. I know what I’m getting into when I accept a project that’s beneath me. And I don’t care how snobby that sounds. I know my worth.

People who don’t know my worth? Freaks trolling MySpace for “friends.” This is so strange to me. Why would a Satan-worshipping metalhead from Norway send me a message? This makes no sense (and further bolsters my contention that metalheads are retarded, even if they come from a progressive northern country with high literacy and generous health benefits.) WTF?

3:00 p.m. - 2006-03-20



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