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Le chic, c'est pas nic'

I like the
new Beck song. I’m sure the Michel Gondry directed video will be genius.

And speaking of Michel, he has a new movie coming out. I love him.

I ran errands today, and one of those errands took me to Target. So I had to check out the Paul & Joe stuff. You know, it’s so sad how the reality of good design like Paul & Joe at Target falls so short of my expectations. And I’m not just talking about inelegant materials or poor workmanship. I’m talking about the terrible experience in the store! Buying TP at Target is one thing, buying clothes quite another. There is no joy there--only bad lighting, cramped racks, ill-informed salespeople, crap dressing rooms, and of course the items you want to look at are never there. I think it’s cool that Target is committed to masstige, it’s just too bad the shopping experience never measures up.

Anyway, I should have known not have high hopes—the Luella stuff was crap, as was the Tara Jarmon line—but I couldn’t help it. I was hoping against hope that Sophie whats-her-nose would be able to harness the cheap fabrics/cheaper manufacturing processes and create something great.

Oh well.

Let’s pray that the next Go Collection will be better and that Behnaz will be able to bring it. Her Fall 06 collection was awesomely sober, chic and wearable.

5:32 p.m. - 2006-08-03



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