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XXX mas

My holiday has been really nice: relaxing, a bit idle, and fun.

Weíve gone to the movies twice, watched dumb tv and movies under the blankie/on the sofa, and had sex (our totals for December were woefully low due to my crazy schedule and TAís final projects.) Weíve also cooked enough for an army (one night it was a pork roast with an apple cider/mustard gravy, sauteed chard and steamed potatoes; Christmas evening it was roast turkey breast with a cornbread/caramelized onion/porcini mushroom dressing and cauliflower gratin.) Weíve inhaled chocolates and cookies (the best polvorones ever, baked by YoungerSister who is annoyingly masterful at anything she chooses (husbands excepted?))

We saw The Good Shepherd. It was ok. I thought the production was beautifully designed, especially in the beginning when everything is light grey and soft steely blue and camel colored. Alec Baldwin was awesome (when is he not?) and Angelina Jolie was, as all the reviewers have said, poorly cast. Also, her clothes were ill-fitting in a lot of scenes. Was this intentional? Did they think not pinning things properly would make her less vavavoomy? More approachable? It didnít work for me.

We also saw The History Boys. Middling, really. I loved the music and the characters and one actor was HOTCHACHA, but the ending just totally sucked. A complete cop-out. In fact, it really seemed to me to be the second ending?

Ooh, I also Netflixed Devil Wears Prada and watched it, like, three times. That Meryl Streep is TFG in that movieóTotal Fucking Genius.

I got lots of books for Christmas which was GREAT. Lots of hardcovers which for me is a major splurge since I donít usually buy them for myself. So now Iíve got a bunch of things to read including this.

Mostly the best part of the holiday has been spending time with TA. He hasnít had to go to Manhattan in a whole week and itís been glorious!

I am trying to enjoy the last few days of fun before the hard work begins: two book projects, an identity to design, a Statement of Purpose to write for my graduate school admissionsÖ

Enough about me. Make sure you cross your fingers for Gentry tomorrow. She's going to need some happy thoughts.

5:15 p.m. - 2006-12-26



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