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Free Winnie! (and a really boring part about leftovers.)

I am in a fine mood.

I am eating one of my most favorite things for lunch right now and itís soup and sandwich. Doesnít really matter what kind of soup or sandwich; itís just the combination that I find comforting, though in the interest of factual revelations I will proffer the types: the soup happens to be vegetable (carrots, leek, parsnip, celery root and zucchini) and the sandwich is grilled gruyere on wheat.

The soup is leftover from last night and the flavors are better today. The reason I mention this is that Gentry had an entry a little while back about Tupperware, and since then, Iíve been thinking about Tupperware and leftovers. In this household, there is one cardinal rule about leftovers: you are not allowed to eat them without first asking the other person for permission. Iím sure this may strike some folks as strange, but there have been times in my life where Iíve had really crap days, where literally the only thing keeping me from killing myself with toner was the certainty that at home there were day-old enchiladas, or quiche, or chocolate cake. Opening the refrigerator and finding a container full of pasta carbonara can be bliss.

My friend Hilary had a dinner party a week ago, and had an extra pan of lasagne left, so she brought it over for me and Terence. I said something like, ďAre you sure you want to give us all of it? Donít you want to save some for yourself?Ē If it were my lasagne, Iíd give some away, but not all of it! She declined, stating that she never eats leftovers.

Me: ďReally? Why not? Leftovers are the greatest!Ē

Hilary: ďI donít know. I donít like leftovers. I like new food.Ē

Needless to say, she doesnít own any authentic Tupperware. I do. I take my leftovers seriously, and because of that, Iíve invested in one of the most genius American inventions of the 20th century: real, authentic Tupperware.

Thereís even an episode of Seinfeld involving Tupperware: Kramer gives a homeless guy some leftovers, and asks him if heís going to be in the same spot a bit later. The homeless guy says something like, ďWhere do I have to go?Ē And when Kramer returns (for his Tupperware) the homeless guy says something like, ďHey man, you gave it to me.Ē Kramer is insensed and cries out something about how when you hand someone a Tupperware, itís obvious youíre giving them the contents, not the actual container. You donít give Tupperware away! Thatís implicit! Itís Tupperware!

Anyway, I tend to agree. When I send someone home with leftovers, you can bet theyíre getting old (but clean) yoghurt containers.

In more glamorous news, finally, SOMEONE IS LISTENING to me. At last, a journalist at the New York Times has written about what Ms. Ryder has been wearing to court. Here she is on the left with a Marc Jacobs handbag, and on the right, in Marc Jacobs head-to-toe. I have those same exact shoes, and the dress, I tried on however did not purchase, because itís compeletely see-through and I havenít found a slip that meets my exacting standards (and pocketbook.) Check out Winonaís bra and panties! Someone should have told the poor girl to wear a slip for christís sake. There goes her innocence! Out the window with her foundations!

3:30 p.m. - 2002-11-05



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