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21 things that have happened in the last few days

A whirlwind of a few days.

In no particular order:

1. ordered a rental washer/dryer combo, and they arrive next Tuesday. Laundry party at rue-madameís house!

2. I kicked up into a handstand and held it without a spot and without a wall for security. I also went from ashtavakrasana to the split leg arm balance (canít remember the name.) It was all very balletic and accomplished until I fell flat on my face.

3. watched a bunch of movies, plus Buffy and The West Wing. Made caramel corn which was delicious.

4. picked up Crazy Mey from Montana at the airport and made her buy us lunch at Luluís on Beverly. She likes to sample things, so there wasnít enough room on the table for all of our food.

5. onion rings. Sometimes, grease is good.

6. received an email from our long lost friend Bruno. He is French but lives in Switzerland with his Swiss Miss. That made me really happy.

7. got furious with a different friend, and decided to write him off. Thatís it; Iím d-o-n-e. Itís both a relief and upsetting, all burritoed together in a nice little knot of anger and release. Weíll see how I work that one out psychologically.

8. went to printmaking and shmeared a new coat of emulsion on. Right before, I worked on the art/collage bits and Iím looking forward to putting it all together.

9. made a coffee date with my Parisian friend Nadiaís little cousin who now lives in Santa Monica and is looking for work.

10. another friend from SF will be in town this weekend, and eventhough she gave me a few daysí notice, I donít think Iíll be able to hang out. Iím already triple booked. She wanted me to meet her sister, Iíve already met her parents twice, and there are meals at peopleís houses and reservations at restaurants, and ohmygod! Are we fucking dating? Why do I have to meet all of your relatives?

11. Stereo Total, Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat at The Troubadour last night. Good goddamn, that was a lot of fun. I cannot recommend those acts enough. I was a crazy pogo-ing fool, and this morning I woke up with the much maligned but cred-bolstering rock neck. I was seriously cro-magnon like this am.

12. next week, Tahiti 80, one of the cutest little French bands around.

13. the Apples in Stereo play on December 12. Yay!

14. called the guy with the 2 BR apartment and studio space, and declined both. I canít make committments that involve leases and security deposits right now.

15. Terence goes to Korea the first week of December. He deplanes in Tokyo and will cross the international time zone. How fucking cool is that?

16. I bought some very stinky body scrub at Bath & BodyWorks because I had a $10 coupon, and ohmygod! How can people use that brand? Itís all phoney smells and cloying perfumes, and the store gives you a headache. Iím going to regift it for Christmas since I threw the receipt away like a ninny.

17. I bid on + won a vintage bingo game on Ebay, and it only cost 5 bucks.

18. Today is my darling of a nephewís birthday and he is fifteen. Crikey, heís old! Terence and I called him and left a message--we sang happy birthday, then flushed the toilet. This is what you do when your nephew is a cooler-than-thou skate punk.

19. Sang along to The Cure at printmaking class. The Pocket Homies are big fans of 80s music.

20. NPR just played The High Llamas as background music! No way!

21. I am PowerPooped.

5:36 p.m. - 2002-11-15



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