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Working week

Very little time to update. I am swamped with projects and deadlines, and of course I am complaining non-stop.

I'll stop complaining when I get paid. But only for a little bit.

Highlights of the past 5 days:

1. The Aislers Set playing a too-short set because they were on a bill with 4 other bands. Still, they were good and I bought the new record.

2. Sondre Lerche for free at Amoeba. That kid is adorable and so fucking talented. He rocked out and I was complete dork who sang along when he asked for audience participation. I had to buy the cd after his performance. I was awed.

3. At Amoeba I found 36 Erreurs by Etienne Charry for $5.95. Had to buy that too. A bargain at twice the price.

4. Made a pecan pie and devoured it.

5. Bought 6 dozen fresh tortillas at a tortilla factory on Santa Monica Blvd. in SketchTown. Bought 5 avocadoes for $2 at the Farmer's Market. Tortillas + cheese + guacamole = yummy lunchbreak.

I think that's all I can muster at the moment.

More eventually.

3:17 p.m. - 2003-03-13



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