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A little dab'll do ya

I may be going to the premiere of The Hulk tonight. I've been told that it's a good movie, but I am managing my expectations by keeping them superlow. I will actually have to walk on the red carpet to get into the theater--a first for me. I just hope there are good snacks.

Apparently there are supposed to be lots of celebritiesin attendance so I am going to bring my sunglasses in order to check them out surreptitiously. Theyíre never as glamorous in real life as they are on-screen, but isnít that true of most things these days? Target always looks better on tv than when youíre standing in the middle of the store surrounded by screaming kids and overflowing carts of cheap crap. Just think about that next time youíre tuning in to Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight.

Iím still working on my website, and the last section is taking forfuckingever! All of the packaging and freaky little one-off type projects are a big pain to convert to 2D. I have been procrastinating like crazy, but I think Iím done and ready to get crackiní. Positive feedback = motivation

Speaking of things work-related: remember when I was bitching every other day about that stupid guidebook publisher who refused to pay my fee? Well, they eventually paid me half of it, just before they laid off their entire staff and filed for chapter 9. I debated even depositing the check because I felt that cashing it would mean that I had accepted their terms (which, duh, I had not.) Shortly after receiving that payment I got a call from the deposed editor who strongly encouraged me to run to the bank and deposit the check, because the owner of the company was closing accounts right and left. Long story short, I deposited the check, made sure that it didnít bounce, and crossed them off my client list.

Well, I got a check from them yesterday for the other half of my fee! How insane is that? The weirdest part is this: the check was for payment of an invoice Iíd sent January 24th, the date on the check itself was April 7th, and the postmark on the envelope was June 14th. What is that, net-140 or something?

Whenever I get that sinking feeling that I am a poor businesswoman and that I am running a MickeyMouse operation, something like this happens to remind me that I am not an abject failure. Knowing that there are folks out there far more incompetent than myself is hardly solace for a snob like me, but in a pinch, it works as a real ego boost. Iíll take what I can get!

2:57 p.m. - 2003-06-17



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