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[x] picked up check

[x] got brows groomed and itís sheer dumb luck that I got assigned this particular aesthetician. She is a surgeon in her exactitude and deserves to be working in a salon of a much higher caliber than this place

[x] Christmas shopping

[x] received two little paintings that I bought online last week. My Christmas present to us. Or really, to my office once tax time rolls around.

[ ] still need to deposit above mentioned check (they asked me to wait until tomorrow.) I guess Iíve waited this long, I can wait another day? For fuckís sake people, Iím not working for fun, I have bills to pay!

[ ] still waiting for boots to be delivered

[ ] still needing to buy: present for father, present for younger sister, additional present for mother

Oooh, itís so terrible how resentful I get during the holidays. I deprive myself all year long--no new clothes, no new anything--only to feel pressured to spend what little money I have on other people at Christmas. Terence and I have both been grumbling about this for the last week, and whenever our bile gets too out of control, we just spontaneously burst into, ďItís the most woooonderful time of the year!Ē Itís a ridiculous way to curb the irritation, but itís effective at taking the edge right off. I find it helpful to sing the tune LOUD and PROUD with swinging arms. But thatís just me.

My crazy Christian aunt in Florida is insisting we go to mass on Christmas. Apparently she asked Saint Jude to help Terence find a job, and we now owe Him some time in the pew. At any other time of year, I would tell her she was crackers, but I like Christmas mass at ND des Victoires and it might be fun to sing and say prayers and exchange la paix du Christ with other French folks.

Time for more tea.

10:53 a.m. - 2003-12-23



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