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The news predicted that it would snow overnight.

So this morning I leaped out of bed and ran to the window, and sure enough, there were fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky, and a veil of snow on everything outside.

Snow makes even ugly beige corporate housing look good. I have to remember this when I have my portrait done. I will orchestrate a snowy landscape, and make sure that I look as dewy as Loretta Young in The Call of the Wild.

I am on a quest to find a pair of sz 4 black leather perf Puma Mostro trainers. They are cheaper than my usual Hogan style, and a little more fashion future. Of course it makes perfect sense that I would want something that is probably no longer cool, probably no longer exists, or never existed in the first place, but I am willing to search high and low to find these. I have a feeling I will have better luck in Europe where Puma has not completely abandoned the small-footed woman.

Size 5 and the nanopetite European genes you rode in on, I curse you once again.

Yesterday, T and I drove around looking at housing. We went to an open house and were not in the slightest boondoggled by the overly enthusiastic realtors. I mean, the lengths these people go to stretch the truth and embellish… the cool part is we talked to old woman who's lived on that street for a long time, and she was sad we weren’t going to be her neighbors. We may not be rolling in dough, but we’ve got personality going for us!

We did drive by one very interesting property, but by the time we got home and looked it up online, we realized that there was already an offer pending. Dammit! Timing is not our thing. We were planning to convert two of the three 1-bedroom apartments into one apartment, and live grandly on rental income. Truth is, we never even got a peek inside, and for all we know, the building was a dump in need of major reconstruction, in a borderline iffy neighborhood with few amenities and dirty sidewalks.

Good thing I know how to turn a missed opportunity into something that makes me feel better.

T is already at work, and I am supposed to be. I was hoping to take a month off, but my favorite client of all time called with a couple of new projects, and I can’t ever say no to her. For one, she never questions my invoices (and when she does, it’s “That’s all? Are you sure?”) and she trusts me.

Back to work.

10:13 a.m. - 2004-03-08



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