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This past weekend was one long shredding session punctuated by visits to the recycling bin. Fun fun!

The good news is that we have gotten rid of a LOT of stuff and we already feel lighter. I marveled at how many boxes we not only emptied but disposed of, and practically pranced around the apartment. We celebrated the weekend’s accomplishments by going to this place on Sunday night, having a drink and watching Ted Le0 perform. That was a nice reward. He rocks.


a guy that Terence works with asked him what he did over the weekend, and he mentioned that we’d gone to see a band at BAR. So this guy says to him: “my daughter hangs out there a lot. Maybe you saw her? Red hair? Big tits?”

Yes, he said “big tits” about his daughter. Now that’s love.

:end sidebar:

The Taking Care of Business plan continues apace this week with massive hard drive streamlining and cleaning. The goal is to back everything up, catalog the archives, reformat the hard drives and load fresh new operating systems. I am hoping not to lose internet access during the transition, but it always happens. There’s no other way (there’s no other way, all that you can do is watch them play…lalala) Other things that I anticipate: extensive freakouts, abjuring my devotion to all things Apple and Macintosh, and maybe some crying and whining too.

Wish me luck.

Kind of off topic but related to the sidebar above: Terence is surrounded at work with men who say “why you gotta break my balls?” a lot. If there’s a woman present, they modify it (out of politeness?) and say “bust” instead of “break” and “stones” instead of “balls.”

Yeah, way more polite that way.

1:20 p.m. - 2004-07-27



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