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Renegade books and dreams

A good friend of mine has a short documentary called “Renegade B0okseller” that’s one of 5 finalists in the first Annual SXSWeb Media Festival! Hip hip hooray!

I want to help him win the People’s Choice award by getting as many of my real and virtual friends to vote for his film. Watch his film and cast your vote.

Since my new slogan is “Choice is the heart of Democracy”© I am duty-bound to encourage you to watch the other films and vote your conscience. It would be cool if your conscience told you to vote my way (the right way, of course) however you can do as you see fit. The important thing is to VOTE.

And vote often. Once a day should be sufficient.

Totally unrelated to this entry, but somewhat related to the fashiony previous one: I just remembered my dream from last night. Kate M0ss and I were setting the table for lunch. We were in Jeffers0n Hack’s country house in the South of France, and he was very fussy about the way we were arranging the forks and napkins. The windows and cobalt-colored shutters were wide open, there was a gorgeous view of the ocean and I could feel a soft breeze on my skin as I walked around the table straightening the placemats.

4:44 p.m. - 2004-07-28



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