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Pyrrhic loss

Disk Warrior fought an epic battle and...lost.

My laptop's hard drive could not be
reanimated,so this afternoon, I am excising it from its beautiful titanium case, and mailing it to a friend for repair. If he can't repair it, nobody can.

Right now I am Disk Warrioring the two hard drives in my G3 to be certain they are not already fucked beyond repair. This means that I am having to access the internet from a third terminal: TA's PC. How many computers do two people need, really? When the G5 gets here, the grand total will be 5 (that we use. This does not include the Pleistocene-era Mac-clone Power Computing machine that sits in the corner. If you count that one, then it's 6.)

That's about 3 too many if you ask me.

The clone is on its way to a donation center (along with a large format H-P printer, an old Epson Expression scanner, a crappy 17" monitor, a yellowed Mac extended keyboard from 1990, and random cables and power supplies.) Once those things are out of my studio, I will feel as though the place had been cleansed by some New Age sage burning, all without the vile burnt herb/bad pot smell.

Aahh, I am really looking forward to that moment. I need the sense of purification that comes from clearing out the Old to make way for the New. I could do without the $2500 New pricetag, but at least, it's a write-off.

8:58 a.m. - 2005-02-04



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