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Je suis crevˇe

My brain is fried from I don't know what and I feel incapable of constructing an entry with a neat arc. You know what this means, right? Lists.

1. I found out on Friday that a friend of ours committed suicide. He wasn't especially close; he was someone I'd known forever. We were always at the same clubs, same parties, same birthdays, same everything. And now there will never be another chance for me to say, "Hey, it's great to see you again" or "touchˇ!" when he'd make one of his snappy remarks.

2. We painted most of the trim over the weekend, and it looks awesome. There's something about having matte walls bordered by glossy edges that looks so polished and finished. And all weekend I couldn't stop saying "trim the trim" from Lovely and Amazing. I needed the levity.

3. One of our doctor neighbors had a superbowl party, and we went there early to pay our respects. He had the whole XBox set up and when he mentioned Dance! Dance! Revolution, my eyes lit up. So guess who made a complete ass of herself dancing on an electronic Twister pad in front of a bunch of strangers? Man, it was FUN and really, really stupid which only made it more FUN for me. I am a geek.

4. I committed a terrible faux pas, calling one of our neighbors a med student rather than a "doctor." Shit, people! I don't know the difference between a resident and a this and a that! I didn't go to med school. I don't know these things.

5. I mistakenly ate raw garlic that had been shmeared on some goat cheese. That sneak attack had me feeling mighty ill for too long. What is this obsession with putting raw garlic on everything! Are we living in Sunnydale?

6. I am compulsively tracking my computers. I maybe have one as early as tomorrow.

7. One of my resolutions this year is to see a dermatologist. I want a professional opinion on the state of my skin. And I want prescription-strength remedies if I need them. Neutrogena, Purpose and PTR might be fine for now, but in the next few years I expect my skin to start its downward slip and need pharmaceutical big guns.

Can I got back to bed now?

1:49 p.m. - 2005-02-07



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